I did see the 2nd half and I believe Croatia played the best football I've seen in the whole tournament, but that of course only for those 45 minutes. Unfortunately, France scored two more goals and closed the door.

It was not a bad tournament, certainly more exciting than previous worldcups like 2002 or 2006, haha, but I still have all types of mixed feelings about it, and also the usual and futile "what ifs"... Starting with Chile not getting in, and some other important squads not being able to go through the qualy stages, too, Italy or the Netherlands were sorely missed. And even if not for their playing (in the case of Italy) I believe having so many countries playing this worldcup AND the big surprises in the group stage this year made the tournament look a bit lesser compared to the two previous ones.

What if Caballero did not made that horrible mistake? That minute shattered Argentina's confidence much more than their lousy opening game against Iceland. And what if their game against France lasted just ten darn minutes longer? Furthermore, what if Cavani could have played against France? Uruguay got in the field with some black cloud on top of them showing in some unbelievable lack of confidence, something that goes against anything that's acceptable for players sporting the legendary "Celeste". And what about the penalties that washed away Spain??

I do believe confidence played a big role in this worldcup. That is mostly what kept the Frenchmen winning their games.

Congrats to France. Their players did the right thing in the precise minute. And so they take the trophy home.