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Thread: Did anybody read Cyberfrog?

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    Did anybody read Cyberfrog?

    It was in the 1990s. I never read it, but it having a comeback.

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    I loved it back in the day but my comic shop seemed to only get my order intermittently, so I think I had only gotten two issues and not in sequence. I'll back the Indiegogo as I love his art.

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    Never read it back in the 90s. But the Indiegogo is doing phenomenally well. Might check out some back issues.

    Looking for one CAH Mego Comic Activator (working or non working).

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    Pretty much $235,000 as of tonight.

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    I see he posted on Youtube that he has left DC Comics as well. I really enjoy his work, and he seems like a genuine good guy, so happy to see his success.

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    $306,000 so far! Wow, it still has a week left.
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    It's been extended, and is record breaking.
    $423,000 so far!

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