Selling my Matchbox Fighting Furies collection. Lot includes:
Captain Peg Leg - Near-new/new condition complete in the box. Figure has been removed from the box when I was a kid for playing (lightly played with - more display) and then replaced. Peg leg map has NEVER been removed from Peg leg. Peg leg cap is present. Kung Fu chopping mechanism works great.

Hook - In nice condition; some wear to his fabric waist belt. Complete with all accessories and paperwork in the Sears Mailer box. Box has my name written in cursive on the front. One of his striped socks got a hole in the heel many years ago and was resewn (hardle noticeable but wanted to list for transparency). Kung Fu chopping mechanism works great.

Sealed Hooded Falcon Adventure - window box window has come loose over the years but all items are present and sealed.

Sealed Kung Fu Adventure - window box window is loose at the top and right sides with a slight tear on the right side, but all items are present and sealed. Still has original store discount price tags

Fighting Fury Sears version Pirate Ship - Please read carefully:
Ship carrying-case set is complete with all items in nice condition EXCEPT pirate flag is a replacement, as the original crumbled many years ago. Also, the hinge on the playset (it has two metal grommets that push through the other side of the vinyl) has come loose; this happened sometime during storage in the late 1970s. The metal grommet tabs pulled through the vinyl. I have not tried to push them back in; otherwise, ship is complete with all accessories. Original stickers are present and still applied (applied back on Christmas when I first got the ship). Comes with:
Vinyl ladder, Vinyl anchor and rope, three red clips to hold top of ship that folds up in place, two piece large mast with repro pirate flag sticker and brown plastic connecting piece, small sail wooden dowel, original sail (no tears), original vinyl hammock with original yellow rope (all still attached when ship was assembled when I first got it for Christmas), vinyl chair, vinyl steering wheel. I am also including string that will bind the sail dowel to the large mast on the tips.

I am the original owner; from a non-smoking environment.

$300 for all includes shipping. I take U.S. postal money orders or Paypal (goods and services). If using Paypal, please add 3% for Paypal fees. PM with any questions.
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