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Thread: Question about customizing Mezco 1:12 Collective figure outfits

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    Question about customizing Mezco 1:12 Collective figure outfits

    I'm curious to know, have any of you attempted to customize a Mezco 1:12 Collective figure by replacing the entire outfit and using Mego style clothes instead? It's hard to tell whether outfits from Mego style teen bodies fit better than outfits from Mego style 8 inch bodies. The Mezco 1:12 body is obviously smaller, but pre-made clothing options are more limited in this scale.

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    hi ive messed around with a few mezcos and mezKOs ,most are pictured here ,

    im pretty pleased with them considering the limitations i was working with ie i cant paint or sew

    the supes has a original mego suit cut up and refitted to fit the mezco body and the joins are covered by the neca trunks ,

    the original mego suits are more stretchy and more forgiving and suited to cut and stretch than id imagine the ftc suits to be ,you could definitely use them as a starting point ,but you'd have to get creative in making them fit ,
    here's a few work in progress pictures to give you a idea of how workable it would be for you

    adam west ,decided to give the neca bodysuit a try to recreate the west physique,the spiderman body is kinda tiny to represent pure west beefcake :lol will cover it with mego fabric ,

    put this together with my spare mez captain marvel head ,a mezko flash figure and a few bits from a icons black adam with a retro hero cape ,going for a sorta movie look ,but not seen enough of it to know if im on the right track :lol

    as my method involed cutting up vintage mego suits and repurposing them ,not sure i can answer for the compatabilty of the sizeing of the newer suits
    but the trunks seem to fit with out alteration

    some guy on the foosh .used these and posted this link to where he got them from

    I was very happy with the black trunks for the regular Ascending Knight that I got from Classic TV Toys, so I took a chance and sprung for the dark blue trunks and hoped they matched the blue of the PX:


    Works like a freaking charm. Couple of bucks well spent. I picked up a couple of extras, including yellow in anticipation of putting them on Cyclops.
    hope this helps

    its a start right

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    not much traffic here but i posted this in the customs thread but in the interests of keeping it all together i thought id post it here as well

    well due to my limitations ie cant sew and cant paint

    super glad i met this guy from the fwoosh
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    with his help i put these together and im now a lot nearer to where i want to be ,regarding 1/12 scale customs

    using a mattel detective batman ,a hasbro retro cap america ,a couple of dc direct heads and mattel man of steel boots ,and this guys excellent suits , i put these together

    heres them cut together

    and after i got them suited up

    cant say enough about this guys work ,its terrific ,from the super durable materials ,trust me im rough with my toys and im retired now but after nearly 30 years as a aerial rigger working outside in all weathers my hands are not soft ,but despite my rough handling they still look like new

    to the emblem work ,the supes is his work ,the bats is a hobby store sticker , his is as clean as a whistle

    and hes fast and a super nice guy to deal with

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    These looks fantastic!

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    Wow! Both of you have done an amazing job with these Mezco 1:12 customs!

    After many years of doing Mego customs, I got spoiled by the relative ease of compatibility (not always, most of the time) between the outfits and bodies. Most of the Mezco 1:12 figures have outfits which are permanently affixed to the body, so I prefer the Mego-style outfits which can be removed and interchanged.

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    thanks for the kind words guys and yeah mego standardisation and easy removal makes it easier in all departments

    still working on this guy ,just got to close the back of his suit ,its why it looks too loose at the shoulders atm

    mezKO body plus dc direct ross batman boots gloves and belt ,and bolland head

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    treated my custom reeve superman to a suit upgrade

    kitbashed neca reeve and mexKO body plus that guys suit

    really pleased with the result and well worth the effort

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    Nice Job, And thanks for sharing!!

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    You guys have no idea what an inspiration these photos have been. I wish that Mezco would manufacture their figures with intentionally removable clothing, but these examples have given me more confidence to move forward and take risks instead of playing it safe. In some cases, cutting or ripping seams makes it difficult to salvage the factory original outfit, but sometimes they are still usable.

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