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Thread: Thank you from EMCE Hammer

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    Aug 14, 2003
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    Heart Thank you from EMCE Hammer

    Before it's all said and done, I will probably post three or four different summary threads about various things related to MM2018. Of all of them, this is the most important. As always, it took a lot of nice people doing a lot of nice things to make the event a success. I want to recognize just a few of them here as their help was critical.

    Robyn Adams - Thanks for founding this $#!%hole.
    Scott Arendsen - Thanks for carrying me up the stairs, tucking me in, and singing me to sleep. And also for watching my sorry excuse for a table this year.
    Mike Conlon - Thanks for trailering the Batmobile 7000 miles and for providing the countless photo memories.
    Kevin Fiore and Fiore Inc - Thanks for providing the posters once again. Next year I promise we will blanket the hotel.
    Chad Gordy - Thanks for the AV assist with the Customego HOF.
    Brian Heiler - Thanks for EVERYTHING.
    Brue Hoyt - Thanks for bringing the Jokermobile and being the jelly to Mike's peanut butter.
    Austin Hough - Thanks for creating a new Mego institution - The Customego Hall of Fame.
    Chris Hummel - Thanks for the figurines, the endless shift at check-in, and your quick thinking when I was losing my ----
    Christopher Noon and clan - Thanks for taking time out of your weekend once again to masterfully work the customs auction and help keep us in the black.
    Rob Piatt and the Godzilla clan - Thank you for the Lego door prizes - huge hit!
    Dan Pearson - Thanks for riding point on the Thursday night field trip to Big Fun.
    Rob Turner - Thanks for being ever vigilant and stepping in whenever we needed you.
    Paul Wasson - Thanks for my "MC Hammer"
    Chris Jefferys, Ed Leung, Scott Pierce - Thanks for being Canadian and taking care of the kids' customs and to Ed also for helping with the auction.

    If I know me, I probably forgot something important done by someone, and for that please accept my apology in advance. I'd also like to thank EVERYONE for coming and being so gracious with your feedback. I'm already working on next year.

    Last edited by EMCE Hammer; Jun 10, '18 at 10:26 PM.

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Much love man. Anything you need for next year just ask. But first we need that Ookla completed, lol.
    WANTED: Boxed, Carded and Kresge Carded WGSH

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    glad to assist bro.
    Can't say thank you enough for a great weekend.

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Bronx New York
    Steve... You know it is the least we can do... The Bronx Contingent absolutely loves this event Because of you and Everyone else who make us feel like family, Please do not hesitate to call on us "moore" to help, Especially when there are 4 of us available. I'm Glad the some of the stuff that did not make it to the walls did make it into peoples collections. Let the countdown begin till Mego 2019

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    I know that those of us attending have no idea of all the craziness and stress going on behind the scenes so we can have the space and place to have such an enjoyable time.

    Again, it's tough to declare any Meet the Best One Ever, but there was something special about this year. The Magic moments of the Hall of Fame presentation, and having Marty Abrams there. All of us in one room at long last. As close to a group dinner as we've had in a good long time.

    It's wonderful to see everyone pitching in where they can. In small ways and large, making newbies feel welcome, organizing outings/meals, donating prizes/auction items. Mego Meet is all about so many small moments. There is no other show like it, and there is no other show where people are truly FAMILY in the way that our community comes together every single year.

    A huge, deafening round of applause complete with catcalls for your efforts this year (And all the previous years) to you (and Brian and Robyn and all the other elves).

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Thank you!

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Orland Park, IL
    Thank you all at the Mego Museum for an awesome Mego Meet, maybe the best for me!
    I know you all do a ton of work to make it the outstanding success that it was!
    And thanks for having us!

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    Jun 22, 2004
    rhode island
    Thank you steve for putting it together . It was the best megomeet for me .

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    Mar 15, 2013
    Always a pleasure to assist, as everyone else at meet, we try and help anyone that looks lost or that needs help. Steve you can only be in so many functions or issues at once, so I am always happy to keep people calm until we can get thier table, answer questions or whatever they need.

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