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Thread: Google Translate App

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Google Translate App

    Pretty cool free app. I collect vintage Japanese toys and now I'm able to finally figure out what is written on the packaging. If you are not familiar with the app, you just hover your phone's camera over the writing and it will translate it. Not 100% accurate, but at least you have a good idea of what it means.

    This is what is written on the back of my Popy Liabe from Message from Space:

    "SPA Liabe
    Peaceful planet Zilucia, two million light years away from our solar system, is now in crisis due to the invasion of Gapanus star. In order to recover this peace of Zilcia, the Shirows have remodeled and completed the large spacecraft Liabe. Shiroh and Aaron sing from the left and right wings, can fight an enemy by being divided into three aircraft. The braves who have eleven elder elders Kiba, with the wishes of miracles and released to the universe with eight "Liabe's seeds", spearheading the spectacular space warfare, centering on this "Learning", aiming at Girussia Continue ... MADE IN JAPAN Computer No. 77233-1 600"

    And on the bottom part of the back of my Popy Clear Kikaida. Sounds like some toy give-away contest:

    "Rules of Entry Every week, 100 people each week have a popular TV drama present! Let's draw a circle for you. Transformation belt. Mini-mini cyclone auto mask remodeled human Period January 10 th - December 31 Announcement will be announced with shipment of goods."
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    That is a really worthy advancement in that technology. I use the “regular” Google translate often; usually for Japanese to English translation. This is neat! Thanks for the heads up!

    - Ian
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    Sep 22, 2009
    That is very very good to have! Thanks for posting the info

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    Great toys! And yeah, it's a very cool app, I really wish this kind of thing was available on my toy hunting trips in Japan in the past. I wonder how well this works with handwriting (as long as it isn't too sloppy). Some of the stores have handwritten signs explaining condition, defects, missing pieces, etc. and I usually have to ask to see the item inside the box instead, this would be faster and easier.

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