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Thread: Acetone shrink

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    Acetone shrink

    So I know there is lot of conversations and threads out there about acetone shrinking but I wanted to throw this back out there and see...
    1. Who has successfully shrunk a head from 1/6 scale to Mego scale?
    2. Did you use straight acetone?
    3. How long did you let is soak?
    4. Did it require more than one soak?
    5. Any tricks that you can share?
    6. What problems did you run into?

    Much appreciated!

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    Hello. I'll contribute but my experiences may not be considered typical.

    1... I have never had success with a 1/6 scale head shrink. Most large scale heads do not have enough neck so that disqualifies them from the start. Also most I found were a harder type of plastic and didn't shrink much at all. Softer Vinyl heads are best for shrinking. Also aim for 9" or 10" action figures

    2... I used nail polish remover. Its around 70% or 80%. I think pre 100% acetone is to harsh.

    3... Soaking for me was not an issue of time as each head was different in chemical make up. I would dunk a head and check back on it periodically. When the head swelled and looked looked soft I would extract it and begin the drying.

    4... I was lucky I guess. Most of the heads shrunk enough. But like I said they were not too big to begin with. (From 9" or 10" figures.)

    5... Tips... DO a shrink when you have the time to commit to it. Many times it was an all day thing for me. I would check on the head every so often as it soaked and then carefully extract it from the acetone. I would place the swelled up soft head on a towel and let it dry for 15 minutes or so, then return and rotate it so it would not dry deformed. When enough of the acetone had evaporated from the vinyl and the head was more firm. I would then hang it from a rig I would fashion from old wire hangers. Fashion loops in the wire hanger that held the neck plugs and held the head upright. They dried this way with less chance or deforming.

    6... Problems. I left some of the heads in too long and they swelled so large they would not fit out of the jar I was using. I had some become so swollen and fragile that they ripped themselves apart under their own weight. The smell is always an issue... !!!Vent!!! and do it far from family and friends. Most of these can be negated by keeping an eye on the process.
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    I would agree with everything above.

    As for smell, I used a jar with a lid and didn't have a problem. I used Acetone from the hardware store.

    The head will be very soft so be gentile when removing it from the jar.

    I shrunk several of the Trek Playmates heads. Some heads required a second soak but give it a few days to dry. You should be able to tell when it's stopped shrinking. 1/6 heads may need more than one soak. I think the plastic is a factor. Some heads shrink great in one shot. Others seemed to fight the process.

    Once I had a head tear at the corner of an eye where the plastic was too thin but once it shrunk it was very tiny and easy plug. Most if not all of the paint will come off.
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