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Thread: Help with Mego Prototypes

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    Help with Mego Prototypes

    Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I posted, but still lurk and have mostly been hanging around Facebook groups such as the one run by Brian.

    I hope the admins don't mind me making this request.

    I've taken on a bit of a side collecting interest for my youngest son who is six. When he was in daycare, he came home one day and told me he wanted to be Batman. Such fond memories of him wearing superhero costumes around the house for the next few years. I'd always collected comics, and even comic art, but had always centered my interests around Marvel. And I'd kind of hope he grow out of it and start enjoying Marvel characters like his dad , but as he's continued to maintain an interest in all things Batman, I thought to build him a collection of Batman toys and figures, and it's something we've been doing together for a few years now.

    I have accumulated over a dozen different preproduction pieces over the years, and am trying to round out one more piece for a custom display I'm planning to surprise him with. The display is themed around preproduction Batman figures, and the one era I'm lacking is a 70's Batman prototype. With Mego playing such a huge part in defining the action figure toy market during this period, I wanted something Batman related in the display and I was hoping it could be something Mego related.

    I'd be happy with anything Batman related, but my first choice would be a pocket super heroes prototype due to the size of the figures being better suited for the size of the display. So a first shot, test shot, mold purge, etc. Of course if anyone has anything even rarer like a hard copy or wax, I'd be open to it as well.

    I know a few clay heads popped-up on Heritage, but truthfully, I had really only thought to do it from the 80's and onward, but lucked into a mid-60's era prototype quite recently, and so I've had to dial back my timleine range to include something from the 70's.

    I realize many of you are probably on Facebook, and anyone who might be able to help with this request could certainly reach me here if needed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Idk man, mego prototypes (specifically Batman) on the market are few and far between. Likely if you and your son collect mego Batman I'm sure there are enough members here that can help you out. Batman was well represented by mego and there are more than few grail items.

    These are the 7 Batman related 8" figures. Even without variants, doubles, vehicles they can take up a shelf displayed.

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    Great shelf Mr. Marion! Thanks for the feedback, I totally agree.

    I love the Joker head sculpt from the 8" figure line - one of the best in my opinion, and I'd be totally stoked to have a prototype from that figure.

    By the nature of buying up what I could when I first started, I have come into a number of DC universe characters like Hawkman, Flash, multiple Superman's, Shazam, Wonder Woman, etc, so it's extended beyond just Batman prototypes. Now, those lines, being 30+ years younger, have also all but dried-up in terms of prototypes. I've also become a lot more laser focused since, as it was getting expensive, and a side collecting thing meant for my son was starting to take over my own collecting.

    Might sound like an unusual preference, but because of budget and display space (as well as the imagery I'm using for the display), having a Joker as the main villain, or Robin as his sidekick in there could work. However I wanted to limit the amount of Robin's or Joker's in the display (I think I'll have two Jokers, and one Robin in the display), and would only put them if I had the Batman for the same toy line.

    For this reason, I think I'm leaning more toward a Mego PSH Batman prototype of Batman, and if another related character comes up, I'd only consider that after I've acquired a Batman. And I'll only know when it comes and I start to fill it what space I have.

    Speaking of which, I heard from the display fabricator yesterday, and he's hoping to have it completed by end of the week. Now I want to make it clear I won't have a single Mego proto in it (the reason for this post), and to respect the board rules, I'd only post a pic of it when it arrives if you guys are up for seeing it, and to maybe better show you what I'm trying to achieve space and size-wise.

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