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I could have sworn a new sculpt Supergirl was announced, but there is no mention of one in JeffBearCO's post.

I have wanted a Legion of Super-Heroes for a long time! Even though I see them as a separate line, putting them in with a Superman series might be a nice way to see them get made. At least a few of them.
I know they did that Supergirl with the printed shoes and belt, but meh, that doesn't do much for me. It would be cool if they did another version in a different costume - she has had so many and is getting more in the current comics. Looks like she is going back to the blue skirt. That would be a great way to do a retro costume that could also be modernized for fans who want a contemporary version of her.

I can see the Legion being its own line, but kind of feel like they could have released the core 3 characters with Superboy as a wave, that would have been neat. Like you said, just to get a few of them out there...