I adore Thundercats. This is my childhood Snarf. I even kept the box all these years. That's how much he meant to me. He has always been on display.

You will never hear me criticize stuff like Clarence or Loud House or Uncle Grandpa or Breadwinners or whatever because they are not for me and shouldn't be. Heck, 99.99 percent of stuff out there isn't for me. But when you are talking about cartoons from the 80s, like She-Ra, Thundercats and He-man, yeah, that's for me.

I do get frustrated that 80s toon reboots don't have the greatest track records. For every DuckTales there's five Michael Bay Transformers movies. (He actually thought that it would be a good idea to give Devastator wrecking ball privates. What the heck!?) But I still don't wish people the behind the Thundercats reboot any ill will and the over the top vitriol I've heard about being directed at the cartoon isn't normal or helping. I'm not angry, just a little sad. But I'm also still trying to be positive and hopefully the writing will be good. Maybe they will even take some of the normal calm constructive criticism to heart and improve the animation as the show progresses.