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Thread: Top 5 mego cards

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    MM '08 Top 5 mego cards

    Which Top 5 Mego cards are the most sought-after and most expensive? If they were for sale.

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    Better question is- which ones are you looking for?
    If I have it, I'll send it.

    Like you said "If" they were for sale.
    Many have been sold on Ebay etc, but all can be had by persistence and looking.
    (and selling is taboo, since they were not intended for that by the people who worked and spent to bring them to us)

    The fun is in the hunt and the community, so any price paid, is money wasted.

    As to what is most rare? - probably, the lower the number, the more rare. But I assume som had smaller runs. And There were som reprints that are less sought after. Though to me, I think a reprint is just fine.

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    I totally agree with you Brue it is indeed the thrill of the hunt and the relations you create when you trade with others. I honestly feel that the error cards would be the rare cards to find and of course 1st prints. TC.

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    From everything I've seen, the first print Penguin card is the most difficult card to find in the entire line of Mego Museum cards. Years ago, I remember everyone complaining about how difficult that one card was to find. The first 3 checklists (Super Heroes, Star Trek, & POTA) are also very difficult to pick up.

    Aside from that, most of the original print runs of the Super Heroes are tough, but Star Trek cards seem to be even tougher in general (except I understand that there were more of Kirk printed than the other Trek cards, so Kirk may be easier to find than other Trek cards).

    As for the error cards, in most cases, I think the error cards were printed in the same number as the non-error cards, so I don't know that they are really more difficult to find...but that's just my speculation based on what I've seen over the years. It's not official information.
    Nostalgia just ainít what it used to be.

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    I was always told that the 1st prints on Mego cards # 1 to 3 were very hard to find at this point

    On Plaid Stallions, I was led to believe that the ALIEN card was tough. Indeed, it took me awhile to find one, but then several showed up.
    Someone said that it was only available in a book. Is that true ?

    The stickers (slime, mummy, Batmobile) are difficult to find, also

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