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Thread: Want lists...It's Crunch Time Folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    If anyone wants to bring a nice, loose (labels irrelevant) vintage Action Man Power Hog ATV, I would not be adverse to that.
    I may have one to bring. Let me check.


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    It would be rad to finally score a beater ahi male creature.

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    Looking for one of Cast-A-Way's recent Retro Action Jackson figures from last year (hair color/beard doesn't matter), and any of the old Cast-A-Way Build-a-Hero heads (I have the Blue and Black heads, so any other color would be great.)

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    does anyone who is driving in to the meet live in an area where they sell CAFFEINE FREE DR PEPPER? now some 12 packs of that would make my wife very happy! if anyone can bring some, DM me!

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