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Thread: Adding this to Mego Meet Auction...

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    Adding this to Mego Meet Auction...

    Just wanted to let Mego Meet attendees and those who will be participating in the Customs Auction that I am adding a piece to the auction that is not Mego...but is really cool. Had this signed at East Coast Comic Con today by Jim Starlin and have a pic that I will be posting with me and Jim Starlin with the Gauntlet signed. It's the Infinity Gauntlet that has the Dig It stones that you attach to the gauntlet. It's small...but it is a cool piece and will go towards funds for the Mego Museum. BTW, it's not is the reflection that makes it look cracked as you are looking just underneath the thumb and index finger. Pic of Me and Jim will be up hopefully by tomorrow evening as I am completely exhausted from East Coast Comic Con. Guaranteed signature. Thanks to Jim Starlin for signing it:

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    I'm bidding only if the photo is included

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