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Thread: New from Readysetz.

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    New from Readysetz.

    I received my update from Readysetz yesterday. They now have 2 new playsets available with 3 more on the way. The first new set is a smaller version of the original specifically for Las Vegas Comicon with Vegas specific signage and scaled specifically for 1/18 scale figures and smaller. It is available on their site for $50 while supplies last. The other is a downloadable mini set pictured below.

    Of the 3 new sets mentioned, the only new information on them is a link that does not work yet. It says only "SPACE." This implies a space station playset, which I am really looking forward to. Finally a place for my Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Lanterns, Star Trek and Star Wars figures to hang out!

    And now, here is the promised and much anticipated downloadable playset that you can print out and assemble yourself!

    Ummm.....well nevermind. Until next time.


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    LOL...I like how you ended that. Yeah, that print out playset isn't really 1:18 friendly...more Matchbox/Hot Wheels friendly, but it's still cool.
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