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Thread: Kolchak: The Nightstalker from Neca Old Man

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    Awesome work!

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    Many thanks for the kind and supportive words.

    Progress has been slow while I work out how/if to pinstripe the suit or whether I just hand dye it a single colour. I'm really in a quandry about how visible the pinstripes should be at this scale to keep the aesthetic, as accuracy to the scale of the real suit is an impossibility by hand.

    I have finished his camera though, as accurate as I could get, I managed to include the pop out side viewfinder and the extra flash attachment. This serves as a good gripping point for him to hold it too, which was a great bonus.

    I've also resculpted the top of the hat. Before it was to straight on the sides going to the top section, this has now been rounded and peaked to look more like it should. The band around the crown's been redone in tape too, which lends itself more to a toy-look, I think and neatens it up.

    Tape recorder and belt should be taken care of this weekend with any luck and by then I'm hoping to have made a decision about the suit's pinstriping.

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    Great job on this, nice facial expression and love the hat and camera.

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    More progress today, got his cassette recorder completed; I knew I bought that ReMent walkman years ago for something. And yes, the cassette is removable.
    I painted it up to be more accurate to the Sony used in the show, I'm happy with how it's come out.

    And here he is all loaded up. He's very nearly done now, a couple of details I might still add are his watch and the bow/clip or whatever it is on the side of the ribbon on his hat.
    I've decided to not do the pinstriping, at this scale I don't believe it'll look right. I have dyed the suit a very pale blue so the relationship of the colours on him is how it should be with the pale blue shirt, lighter blue again on the suit (from a distance, when you can't see the pinstripes) and white sneakers.

    Will mull things over a little more and see if I can add/change anything else before I'm ready to call him done and will do a proper photoshoot for him then.

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    I think it's super awesome!

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