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    FS Punisher stuff

    I've got some Punisher stuff for sale. I wasn't sure somebody would want the whole outfit or not, so I'm parting it out if there is interest in the parts and pieces. Shipping is $3.
    Black trench coat-$7
    Black pants-$4
    Black boots-$5
    Vest with skull-$10 It's the vest in the second picture.
    Pistols-$3 each
    Black fists pair-$4
    Black trigger finger hands pair-$4

    Or, I'd sell the whole lot for $25 shipped. There is NO body in the outfit. You will get it on the clear, flat plastic "mannequin" that it came on.

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    pm sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megospidey View Post
    pm sent
    PM returned. Items all spoken for. Thanks!

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