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Thread: Misremembering VHS or VHS didn't look nearly as bad as people now claim it did

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    Probably did a little filtering during the conversion process.
    Either that, or the DVD player is cleaning things up a bit when scaling the image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf View Post
    Here's a neat bit of VHS trivia. HD VHS tapes beat blu ray to the market by 4 years.

    I personally think the D-VHS format never got the support it deserved because studios were not keen on people being able to record and permanently archive HD content off of TV.
    Heh, I remember D-VHS. It really was meant as a temporary stopgap for die hard videophiles until a disc based HD format hit the market (which unfortunately ended up becoming a format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD). I don't recall seeing D-VHS available in the mass market, that format was more niche than even laserdisc.

    You probably have a point about studios not wanting people to record TV programs in HD, which also explains why Blu-ray recorders never became a thing here (although they were widely available in places like Japan, I remember seeing Blu-ray recorders for sale over there as early as 2005).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjefferys View Post
    Heh, I remember D-VHS. It really was meant as a temporary stopgap
    I'm not sure that's the case. Electronics giants like JVC, Hitachi, Panasonic and Philips probably don't spend massive amounts of time and money on something they think will only last a year or two. Think about it, this was a system that could play HD widescreen movies and record off of TV in HD years before Blu-ray. D-VHS systems were also backwards compatible with regular standard definition VHS tapes.

    I still think it boils down to the the lack of support from studios. Only a hand full of studios supported the format and maybe released around 150 to 200 movies. I, personally, just don't think they wanted people to be able to easily and permanently archive HD content.
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