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Thread: My Updated Wantlist/Tradelist 4/6/18 - Some good stuff to trade! Also have $$$

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    My Updated Wantlist/Tradelist 4/6/18 - Some good stuff to trade! Also have $$$

    Hi everyone, I am currently searching for the following Mego figures and parts in loose, clean, complete, and all original condition:

    • Red bearded Action Jackson (or just the head)
    • Jean Lafitte
    • Smooth hair Dracula (RED and black hair)
    • Flat top Frankenstein (BLUE and black hair)
    • Popy Battle Fever France
    • Popy Battle Fever Kenya
    • Popy Kamen Rider V3
    • Popy Ultra Seven
    • Popy Ultraman
    • Cochise
    • Blackbeard
    • Captain Koenig (Space 1999)
    • Paul Morrow (Space 1999)
    • Popy Ultraman Joe

    • Supergirl peace belt
    • Supergirl emblem
    • White bone necklace (Cochise/Sitting Bull/1 Million BC)
    • POTA Astronaut white plastic belt
    • One Silver Soldier Ape glove
    • Western rifle (Buffalo Bill/Cochise/Davey Crockett)
    • Western pistol (Buffalo Bill/Wild Bill Hickock/Wyatt Earp)
    • Wyatt Earp holster (with both leg straps unbroken)
    • Cochise headband
    • Western knife (Cochise/Davey Crockett)
    • Tiger Jack feather (Tex Willer)
    • Tiger Jack belt (Tex Willer)
    • Blackbeard sword
    • Speedy hat
    • Green Arrow bow
    • Action Jackson Royal Guard cross strap
    • Zorro cape
    • Zorro hat

    Let me know if you have any of these for sale or trade. I have the following original Mego items for sale/trade:

    Items for sale/trade
    • Supergirl cape
    • One Supergirl slipper
    • Thor boots
    • Thor hammer
    • Thor wristbands
    • Green Arrow hat
    • Conan shorts
    • Batman gloves
    • One Robin/Aquaman glove
    • Lizard jacket
    • Mr. Fantastic boots
    • Superhero boots (Batman/Superman/Green Arrow)
    • Batman belt
    • Robin shoes
    • Superhero heads (Batman/Superman/Robin/Captain America)


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    CSS sold!
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    BUMP! Thanks for looking

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