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Thread: New Canadian Guy Wanted List... 5/4/18

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    New Canadian Guy Wanted List... 16/4/18

    Updated list furda. Here's what I'm focusing on at the moment:

    - Mugato
    - Talos Shoes and Belt

    - Sewn Sleeve Spider-man or just suit
    - Fist Fighter Spider-man
    - T1 Robin
    - Green Goblin Satchel
    - Supergirl slippers
    - T1 Superman suit - Stirrup or not, just want the nylon shorts
    - 2 Fist-fighter hip elastics
    - Vintage knee pins

    Wizard of Oz:
    - Munchkin Mayor
    - Dorothy's Basket
    - Tin Man chest plate with Sticker

    Parts to Trade:
    - 4 Tricorders
    - 3 ST belts with Phaser & Communicator, discolouring on phasers
    - 1 ST belt with Communicator only
    - Green Goblin boots 1 good, 1 rough (split and patched up)
    - 3 12" Superman boots
    - T2 Green Arrow loose has hat and quiver but the belt has broken off, no bow
    - T2 Superman loose, nice shape, good colour, very little fraying of cape but has some marks on his suit in back & on sleeve, looks like crotch has been neatly stitched
    - Neptunian complete but costume has some brown patches
    - T2 Spiderman with small spider costume
    - T2 Spock with Card, bubble is cracked at top and figure can be pulled out. Foil intact, beautiful colours.
    - I have some other carded Star Trek figures if you're looking
    - Robin Head, small hair rubs in front
    Non - Mego:
    - Kenner 12" Indiana Jones, with jacket, shirt, pants, boots, pistol and holster
    - Kenner 12" Luke Skywalker, complete minus Grappling Hook
    - Kenner 12" Han Solo, complete minus medal
    I have pics of most of these items. I can get pics of the rest.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Quick addition to the above...

    Our Gang Collection: Loose
    - Mickey and Darla
    - and if anyone has the dog THAT would be awesome!

    Mattel Cylon Raider

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