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Thread: Mattel Retro Action Figures Not Made

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    I love this line for how you can switch out Doc Mego bodies and make a such a great ReMego.

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    Do the Star Trek repro figures have the same bodies as the Mattel figures? I am reading in the comments here that folks did not like the bodies used for releases like Lex and Superman. I haven't opened my Mattel Lex yet. My FTC Lex arrived messed up, so I got the Mattel Lex - but now I'm reading people don't like the Mattel bodies. Feels like I can't win. I have a repro Kirk at home that I've never noticed an issue with... wondered if Lex would be similar.

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    Mary, the Mattel male figure bodies are generally terrible-- floppy and very loosely strung. I switched all of them over to either Doc Mego or Zica bodies at the time. Because generally the heads and costumes were really nice. (By contrast, I still consider the Mattel female body the best one ever made in 8" scale; really wish they'd gotten that Supergirl out so there'd be more of them.)

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    The EMCE Trek bodies are not the same as the Mattel bodies.
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    I'm not hip to all these different body types. All you guys who can keep track and keep up amaze me. I had Megos as a kid, always liked them, but have only been into the reMego stuff the last few years and don't have a massive collection by any means. Seems like all of the reMego stuff has flaws, no matter who is producing... I'm not really into kitbashing or whatever its called. Thought about putting Mattel Lex's clothes on FTC Lex's body. Are the heads swapable? Maybe I'll just put Mattell Lex on the shelf with FTC Lois and call it a day. In the end they are just for me to enjoy, pose, and admire. Nothing's going to be perfect, right?

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    There's nothing inherently wrong with the Mattel bodies, people just didn't like them because they were slightly different proportions and the legs weren't able to stay posed. The arms, for example, are much nicer than classic Mego designs. The Mattel bodies are actually reworked versions of the old Mattel Big Jim body, actually. Same proportions and design, just turned into a "Mego". But the arms were remade quite nicely and have good swivel/hinge shoulders which are vastly superior to Mego.

    If it doesn't bother you, I'd leave it on the Mattel body. If he stands fine, what's the difference?

    I find EMCE's bodies to be fairly mixed bag myself. Depending on which batch the figure is from, it's often strung too tight and can't be posed very much and the cheaper plastic ones are notorious for the arms breaking off. And EMCE body will have a bit better range in the legs, but significantly less range in the arms. So it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

    If you're going to swap to new bodies, I'd recommend Type-S bodies from Castaway Toys/Zica/Whoever has the molds these days. They have no stupid rubber bands and have swivel hinges at the elbows, shoulders and knees.

    Or buy an old beater vintage Mego and swap to that. For some reason vintage Type 2 Mego bodies have held up and pose better than EMCE or FTC's attempts at cloning the bodies.

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    I would agree with the above, the Type-S bodies are the way to go, or original type 2 mego bodies, I know the Mattel clothes fit well on both, and if you soften the Mattel neck plugs, they will fit nicely on either body.

    I'm wondering if Doc's Trek leg boots bought seperatley would fit on the Type-S bodies?

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    Just wanted to say thanks again for those who replied and helped fill me in a bit more on the diff body types. Appreciate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomStrong View Post
    I agree! There’s got to be clearer evidence. I did watch the video and it just made things worse. Now I really wan to see them!

    ...screen grabs from the video: Shared with deep appreciation for staring and staring at this wonderful, *Wonderful* work...sigh.

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    WOW! I love that Joker!!

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