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Thread: Shirt Tales are back!

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    I loved the Shirt Tales. My mom managed a Hallmark store, so I already had some of the small figurines before the cartoon began. I had all of the stuffed characters. I never understood why Rick the Racoon was basically dropped in Season 2. The show got Scrappy-Dooed in its second season!

    Nice to see them coming back.

    Edited to add: Werewolf, I just read your Scrappy-Doo comment! I had somehow missed it. Great minds think alike!

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    lol i remember that show and the plushies I had Digger and Bogey when i was little

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    I love the Shirt T-T-T-Tales!!!!

    And the Monchhichis, since someone mentioned them.

    I know a lot of these shows were short seasons and based on properties that H-B just fleshed out a bit, loosely tied to selling whatever knicknacks or toys or merch they were based on. But many of the Hanna Barbera shows from the early 80s hold a lost of nostalgia for me - the Smurfs, Pac-Man, the Snorks, the Dukes. It was good stuff. Simple, sweet, silly, fun. Complete with cereal and colorforms! Very fondly remembered.

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