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I think the Wave two Batman 66 was canceled due to them not having the licence anymore
I can't say for sure on that, but Funko twiddled their thumbs for a year on those figures. All they had to do was open up preorders for a Wave 2 that had Joker, Penguin and Riddler in it and they would have sold like gangbusters and probably pushed more of Wave 1. Lots of people were hesitant to go all in, when they didn't put out the heavy hitters. It's irksome because Funko promised that those were coming this summer and basically told people to calm down and just wait it out. And then turned around at SDCC and tried to play it off like it was out of their hands and that we should have known the line was dead... But they're the ones who kept telling people the line was fine and Wave 2 was going to be shown any minute now.

I ordered a bunch of the SDCC exclusives for Super7. Love their ReAction line! Funko's better articulated 3 3/4 figures are great, but there's no point in buying any of them because they abandon collections halfway through. Hard to put faith in any line from Funko.