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Thread: What If FTC Hybrid Their Wrestling Figures & ReMego?

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    Feb 10, 2009

    What If FTC Hybrid Their Wrestling Figures & ReMego?

    Wondering what everyone thinks about this...

    The indie wrestling figures by FTC are apparently based on an older Jakks model. They have a variety of body types in use and most importantly, a modern female design.

    Would it be that hard to adapt those molds for ReMego? Upscale to 8 inch with some mods for the neck so it can maintain the vinyl head...use the Snuka mold for a barefoot figure...

    The pricepoint for either line is the same, so it's not a production cost and I would think it's a quick way to get something closer resembling the Mezco figures.

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    It'd be nice if they did an upgraded non rubber band body.
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    I thought about this as well but the legs cant spread apart, can they?

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