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Thread: Two Things Made Me Realize I Haven't Seen Superman: The Movie In a Long Time....

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    Jul 22, 2015

    Two Things Made Me Realize I Haven't Seen Superman: The Movie In a Long Time....

    "Superman: The Movie" is on SyFy tonight and two things made me realize that I haven't seen that movie in a long time.

    1) I never realized Larry Hagman had a bit part


    2) Valerie Perrine as "Miss Teschmacher" might need a bit of a spanking.

    I know I have never owned the movie on VHS or DVD. I can remember going to the theater to see the movie because it was a biiiiig deal to me. But....IF....I had seen the movie in its entirety past the year it came it out, I would have realized that Larry Hagman was in it. We didn't have cable in '78 so I wouldn't have seen "I Dream of Jeannie" at that point and "Dallas" wasn't a big deal at that time, either. So if I had seen it EVER after that, I would have realized Larry Hagman was in it.

    Also, anything past puberty and I would have dinged in on "Miss Teschmacher".

    SO....I now fully realize that memory is tricky business. I've seen scenes in documentaries along the way and probably been flipping through and landed on a scene or two, but I CLEARLY haven't watched from start to finish in a looooooong time.

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    Nov 17, 2012
    Rochester, New York
    If you're really interested, check out the new expanded 3 hour television cut released on Blu Ray. Narratively, it's a little slower paced, but it may bring back some long lost memories of extra scenes you only saw on TV.

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    Mar 7, 2004
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    And might I recommend, Superman Movie Minute, hosted by yours truly and Rob Kelly?

    We discuss the film five minutes at a time. We're just about to wrap it up, so you could pretty much get discussion on the whole film by now.

    And yes, Valerie Perrine is quite fetching indeed.


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