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Thread: Stan Lee has apparently fallen on hard times?

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    ^I think Simon sued Marvel for Cap, and Kirby sided with them against his former partner, if I recall correctly.

    These are all great points, and I appreciate the peaceful discussion folks. My take is Stan is not a villain, he's a human. And so is Jack. They both did wrong by other people, and each other in some respects. The same could be said for all of us at one point or another.

    Stan never denied his artists credit. Maybe the extent of their credit was debated back and forth over the course of different interviews over the years, but he never tried to erase the contributions wholly as Bob Kane did. I think the Kane-bashing may be going too far nowadays too (Kane DID draw SOME of the early Batman work folks. It wasn't all ghosts), but I have a much easier time painting him as a "villain" than Stan. Kane weaved an intricate web of lies to cover his story of solely creating Batman. Lee at his worst marginalizes when the artist's contributions began, and what he considers "co-creation". He does acknowledge that they contributed SOMETHING in the mix of creating these characters.

    Marvel the publishing entity screwed Jack Kirby over, no question to me. Whether he asked for it or not, they should have compensated him besides a nice pay rate for the time. I'm glad to see the Kirby estate finally getting compensated for his co-creations. It's all Kirby ever really wanted. I just wish he'd seen it in his lifetime.

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    Well like the old saying says "It takes two"

    Funny thing why do people ALWAYS have to pick sides with EVERYTHING "I'm a Marvel Fan" "I'm a DC Fan" funny I'm both
    And If I remember right Steve Ditko was a recluse and didn't want any attention for Spider-Man but Stan did that for him..

    And on the Captain America lawsuit that was the Simon/Kirby family's that wanted some money from Marvel that's all...And they didn't start the lawsuit until the Cap movies were big hits and making alot of money...Greed Greed Greed I don't think they were doing that for Joe & Jack...

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