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Thread: Crystar: Crystal Warrior

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    Jan 14, 2018
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    I don't recall seeing these anywhere but KMart stores. This was one of my favorite lines as a kid. I bought some several years ago off of ebay and still have them. When I would play as a kid, I would pretend Moltar was The Thing from the Fantastic Four. As an adult you realize how cheaply these were made but only if someone made them now in a larger scale perhaps with some higher quality standards....
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    This was a bit after my time, never had any of the toys or read the comic. All I know about Crystar is that Glenn Danzig swiped his horned skull logo (originally for his band Samhain and later Danzig) from Michael Golden's cover for the eighth issue of the Crystar comic book. Aaaand that's all of my Crystar knowledge.

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