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Thread: Zach Snyder was actually fired

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    I enjoyed the heck out of "Smallville", but largely because I compartmentalized it and didn't let myself believe it was connected to Superman in any significant way. It was a fun show that told stories that could have just as easily been retooled as "X-Files" installments by changing the characters and setting. I was okay with that, but it wasn't really Superman, to me. I did enjoy (also, groaned at times) how they would re-imagine other established comic book characters to fit into the Smallville Universe, but all of it was stand-alone as far as I was concerned. Maybe like how "Riverdale" would be to established Archie Comics fans, but I haven't seen any episodes of "Riverdale" to know if that is an apt comparison.

    As far as the current movies go, you can keep all the actors and I'd be okay with any of them (Gal Gadot must stay). I'd really like to see the tone and stories move more toward a Timmverse kind of production, just as others have said.
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    SO what's the truth here? I read online how Z.S. wasn't fired more recently than when this thread was posted. It's difficult to trust any online sources about anything.
    My stupid Facebook feeds state one thing one day, then counter the topic the next day.

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    ^Wasn't it just one tweet that said Snyder was fired? What Culture is often times snarky fun, but they are really just click bait with personality. I wouldn't put too much stock into anything they say until it is confirmed by multiple sources.


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    ^That's about right.

    Snyder is the only one who may utter the word "fired" as WB legal won't allow it. I think what we're looking for is an interview where the journo declares Snyder was fired and asks the subject about the aftermath. That way, the subject can either disavow the firing or indirectly acknowledge it by letting the premise stand and talk about subsequent events.

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