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Thread: Broken Emce Gorn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megotastrophe View Post
    I have a sealed Khan if anyone's interested. I couldn't find any completed auctions for Khan tho so I doubt the interest is that high. And I still have my McDunsel khan.
    Doc's stilling selling him on his site too..

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    The exact same thing happened with my EMCE Gorn this weekend. It had been in storage for a few years and as soon as I picked it up it fell apart. The rubber band that fell out was brittle and not very elastic. No problem with the other EMCE Star Trek figures ... and the 45 year old Mego figures. Go figure. :-)

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    Just buy the new Mego Gorn. I got one yesterday! So awesome!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    Just buy the new Mego Gorn. I got one yesterday! So awesome!!
    It really is Awesome!! Got one today, paid $12.99 for mine!!😀

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    Quote Originally Posted by spockoda View Post
    Thanks! This looks pretty technical though. It would probably cost as much or more to have him repaired as it would to buy a new one. Last time I saw this one wouldn't be cheap to replace.
    This is easy man I do it all the time you have to get it down

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