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Thread: FTC New Joker Reveal

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    Quote Originally Posted by megowgsh View Post
    Looks just like the Joker from Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians in 1985 in the episode called the Wild Cards. Spot on! And, just STOP already with the "Joker wasn't on the Super Friends" nonsense. If Will Rodgers included Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians in his book The Ultimate Super Friends Companion, that's good enough for me!
    I didn't even watch SF at that point, and I STILL Consider those shows part of the SF collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    I was thinking it was from the Galactic Guardians episode with the Royal Flush Gang.
    Me too.... looks VERY much like him.
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    In the GG, he's even skinnier than Wonder Woman (I'm noting the final scene where he falls into her arms). I think it's a gutsy move for FTC to design this lean 8" version: I personally like the skinny Joker design. I hope he gets a white body, and *green shirt cuffs, that poke from beneath his blazer sleeves, though.

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    I watched every Super Friends/ Super Powers episode and remember Joker's sole appearance in "Wild Cards"! This new FTC Joker looks like he stepped out of the cartoon! Very Jose Garcia Lopez! I like the thin body, too and head sculpt and suit! Only need a hat and trenchcoat. This is better than the Mezco One:12 Joker I got in 2017 and now regret paying $70 for where FTC will be around $30.

    Who else will be in this Super Friends wave? Hawkman? Giganta? Wonder Dog?

    I eventually would like a 12" version of this Joker.

    And he does look like 1990 Hamilton Gifts Presents 15" vinyl Joker figure with cloth jacket and vest I re-acquired at a flea market years ago!
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    OUTSTANDING, I love they are moving into the Superpowers to. This mine.

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    I LOVE this announcement. That said, I want Giganta and Hawkman to be made ... but extending the super friends characters would be fantastic ...

    1. SF Green Arrow please,.

    2. is Rima on the table now?

    3. I'm predicting a SF Firestorm.

    FTC ... tell us more!

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    Looks great. Just hope the body of the figure is improved.

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