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Thread: What's your all time favorite playset?

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    Crystal Castle.

    Another of my All time favs.

    You are a bold and courageous person, afraid of nothing. High on a hill top near your home, there stands a dilapidated old mansion. Some say the place is haunted, but you don't believe in such myths. One dark and stormy night, a light appears in the topmost window in the tower of the old house. You decide to investigate... and you never return...

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    Top 10 that I owned in no particular order

    1) Kenner Death Star
    2) Kenner Millennium Falcon
    3) Castle Grayskull
    4) J C Penny 3 1/4" army base
    5) Darth Vader's Star Destroyer
    6) Kenner Creature Cantina
    7) kenner Degobah playset
    8) kenner Ewok Village
    9) AD&D fortress of Fangs
    10) Kenner Imperial Attack Base

    honerable mentions (ones friends or brothers had I did not but got to play with)

    Gi Joe Headquaters
    Gi Joe USS Flagg
    Snake Mountain
    GI Joe Defiant base
    Mask Boulder hill
    Voltron Castle of lions
    Mazinger Z Photo Atomic Lab
    Mego Star Trek TMP Bridge
    Mego Pocket heroes Batcave
    Barbie plane
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    Fisher Price Castle worked well for my AD&D, Other World, and other fantasy-style 3.75 figures. That Sesame Street play set doubled as an urban battleground for the RAH GI Joes. And the Weebles 'Haunted House' also doubled as a play set for some of my other figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf View Post
    Crystal Castle.

    Another of my All time favs.

    Ah. Very nice. So that was designed similar to the MotU playsets, with the floors that overlapped when folded shut, like Castle Grayskull.

    They should have made a few more sets like this, or variations of it, they were really onto something.

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