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Thread: Mego Items for Sale price update info.

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    Mego Items for Sale price update info.

    Updated prices and info on the items, George Washington head is from the Fun World Series of Great Americans (1976)
    there is no writing on the back of neck, Captain Action head is from the 8" superstore, Conan head and Skeleton head from ctvt,
    skeleton head might make a cool custom MOTU Skeletor.

    UPDATED PRICES Includes shipping, except for International members shipping TBD

    Dragon series army helmet with inside padding and chin strap for 12 inch figures excellent condition....$5.00

    Jet Jungle adventure story cd's.....$7.00

    Mego Heads......$5.00

    Mego T-1 arms.....$5.00

    Please feel free to ask any questions, thanks.
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