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Thread: Turntable recommendations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by noelani72 View Post
    in my earlier post that had all the links - the best sounding one was the Sony (oddly enough). I have two of them and I was half tempted to open it up, remove the pre-amp and wire it up for the U-Turn Orbit....but then we get into the area of what kind of amp is needed for the cartridge type...didn't want to tinker.
    Ah, ok. I have the AT 1240 (and helped my brother set up his 120, and got my friend's 240 situated), so I'm 100% confident that there are a lot of preamps out there that do a much nicer job than the Audio-Technicas do - I'm inclined to think there may have been other factors at play than just the pre that made you unenthused with the sound from the Pluto, which should sound better than an AT built-in hands down. Don't know much about the Sony but I'm not surprised the one that is designed for digital transfer (the link you provided) would have a nice, clean sound.

    All your gear is going to be moving magnet carts, so you needn't fear tinkering at all - everything is compatible.

    Regardless of any of that, though, if it's what's pleasing to your ear, it's the right choice.
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    Yeah, my ear has a very good skill of hearing vinyl differently and I appreciate it soo much more than any cd/digital tune.

    My sound bar has a feature on it called TVOL. it is that deal that detects if your tv broadcast audio levels vary - you know, when the tv commercials are louder than the tv show....anyways, when that feature is enabled, it acts as a booster and makes my vinyl sound even louder. With the sound bar at 50-75% volume, wow...sure is loud and clean...and to hear kick drums like that on my old vinyl is really nice. To get sound out of such in-expensive equipment is certainly a shocker to me...makes me wonder what expensive stuff sounds like lol

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