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Thread: C.B. McHauL figure from Mego C.B. McHaul line for trade?

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    May 9, 2017

    C.B. McHauL figure from Mego C.B. McHaul line for trade?

    Hey everyone I have a mint cb mchaul figure from mego the cb mchaul line. Figure is original complete with hat and vest, same condition as when purchased new. I would like to make a trade with anyone who has any of the following mchaul figures:: Kidd Watts, Joe Marconi, Speed Johnson. I dont really know how to post pics but if you have any of these guys you are willing to trade for cb mchaul I can email a pic of him to you. I will also pay for you to ship figure to me. If anyone has any of the above figures that you can trade please let me know. Thanks everyone for your time and help,Ellis........AND FYI, I WILL ALSO ACCEPT ONE OF THE FIGURES LISTED ABOVE EVEN IF THEY ARE BROKEN OR HAVE BEEN GLUED BACK TOGETHER AS LONG AS THE FIGURE IS COMPLETE. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO TRADE FOR ONE OF THE TROOPER FUZZ FIGURES BUT WILL TRADE FOR ANY YOU MIGHT HAVE. YOU CAN PM ME OR EMAIL ME IF YOU LIKE. THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY POST. ALSO IF ANYONE WOULD RATHER TRADE A FIGURE FOR A C.B. McHauL RIG I CAN DO THAT AS WELL FOR I HAVE SEVERAL OF THEM ALL OF WHICH ARE COMPLETE WITH WORKING MICS AND SPEAKERS.
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