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Thread: Confessions of a 1982 video game junkie

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    I bought my wife an Odyssey 2 for Christmas last year with a near complete library of games. We had a great day playing through those.
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    1982 is special to me for video gaming as it's the year that the Vectrex came out!

    My parents got rid of our TV in 1975, so I didn't have one growing up. That meant the Atari or Intellivision (or even Pong!) just simply wasn't an option for me. However, my uncle had an Atari 2600, so I got to play it over there fairly often. I would even borrow cartridges from kids at school sometimes to take over there and play, to my dad's chagrin. I had forgotten how expensive those cartridges dad was afraid I would lose or break them and he'd have to pay for them. Of course, I wanted a game system so badly I could taste it, but there was nothing to plug it into, so all I could do was stare at magazines and catalogs and dream about it.

    1982 Sears Wishbook p637 - Vectrex & Adventure Vision.jpg

    Then the Sears Christmas catalog for 1982 came out, and there was not just one but TWO game systems featured that had their own built-in screen: the Vectrex and the Entex Adventure Vision! There was no excuse now not to be able to have a game system, and I knew right away what I wanted for Christmas that year. My first choice was actually the Adventure Vision because for some reason it looked like it had a better screen (in reality it was far worse). So when Christmas came, off we went to Sears to get the Adventure Vision. Unfortunately, they had none in stock, so we went with our second choice: the Vectrex.

    Turns out the Vectrex was completely awesome. It had vector graphics and a vector screen like Asteroids and Battle Zone, making gameplay much faster than other consoles and computers, and cartridges plugged in the side. It had a built-in Asteroids clone called Mine Storm that was actually better than Asteroids, and we got 4 additional cartridges - one of which talked! It is still one of the coolest game systems ever made, and I still have it and still play it to this day. In fact, I've recently been building up my collection and I now own most of the 30-some standard Vectrex games.

    Incidentally, while gameplay and graphics on the Adventure Vision (as well as game selection - there were only 4 games ever made) really sucked compared to the Vectrex, finding a working Adventure Vision now is like finding a unicorn. If we'd gone that route, that machine would be worth thousands of dollars today. But the Vectrex (relatively rare in its own right) was such a better system to own, and I'm glad we went with it instead.

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