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Thread: The Toys That Made US

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    In your opinion. It was a sad day when the 12 inch joe went away and came back a few years later as a sawed off little runt with a lot of the play value lost. Your little Joe would not even exist if it weren't for the original. I doubt a lot of things after 1964 would have even came about, Captain Action, Johnny West, WGSH... etc may have never seen the light of day if not for GI Joe
    Definitely. Not just the enjoyable original 12 inch GI Joe figures, but also the vehicles in that scale had an incredible sense of realism and the quality was far superior to the 3 inch Joes from the 1980s and beyond.

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    I watched the Lego episode with my Lego-obsessed daughter, and it was very well done. "The System" sounds like it may be the next new age religion, ala Scientology. ;-)

    The Trek episode was great, and I feel like a dope for never realizing that toy companies missed making figures for the truly popular, more toyetic, even-numbered films, and instead produced figures of the more reviled odd-numbered ones (although Star Trek III is great and doesn't deserve to be lumped in with I and V).


    I'm not sure how Mr. Abrams feels about being animated in a Trek uniform and put in prison, however....

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    I watched the Lego and Transformers episodes. I enjoyed Transformers a little more than Lego, (because of the other toys mentioned), but The System was a highlight. It went by fast, I can't remember if the mentioned the wonderful Lego videogames, because it was only them that inspired me to return to Lego toys.

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    I finished season two last week. I'm hoping Netflix are happy with the interest and subscriber viewership to keep the show going. I would like to think there's a Mego episode for the next season and while I enjoyed the Star Trek one I wanted more focus on Mego.

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    Saw this today:
    Season 3's subjects are due to be announced at the The Toys That Made Us panel at SDCC on Thursday, July 19th at 4PM EST. Just a few short hours after the Hasbro panel!

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    Please tell me the bionic toys will be getting their own episode. A travesty if not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valor View Post
    Please tell me the bionic toys will be getting their own episode. A travesty if not.
    Amen to that.

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