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Thread: The Toys That Made US

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    Jeez, can we stop the preference fight already? Whatever floats your boat ok? Everybody wins.
    1000 times this! Everyone has different likes and tastes, it's all subjective and therefore pointless to argue over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hedji View Post

    Dare I dream we get a Captain Action Episode?
    That would be awesome but I'm guessing we might get a superhero toy episode instead? (covering CA, WGSH, Super Powers, Secret Wars, etc). An hour wouldn't be anywhere near enough to cover everything though, that would be the bad part.

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    I've caught up and seen them all now. These are enjoyable and fun to watch, but I think they could probably have expanded both the Barbie and GI Joe ones to cover the history more in depth. They basically are looking at 5 years for MOTU and primarily the span of the original trilogy for the bulk of Star Wars, and the 45-50 minutes seems to work for those, but then it creates stretches for both Barbie & Joe that get glossed over. I'd be interested in more on both lines, and I haven't collected either. Given these seem to clearly be coming from a vantage point that's about my age (I was born in 1975, and the smaller RAH, MOTU, and SW are all the center of my youth), I'm actually surprised they aren't also doing one on Cabbage Patch (or maybe Strawberry Shortcake, but CPK would seem to be the next major toy to hit on).

    I would like to see a more chronological approach, but I understand going this way. It would be great to see installments on Captain Action, Big Jim, Best of the West, Mego (I think the WGSH line by itself would be worth a separate episode), Fisher Price (both Little People and Adventure People), and, even though I never collected either, Care Bears or My Little Pony. I would guess the Gabriel Lone Ranger wouldn't fit an entire episode (and the toy that made me, Legends of the West, definitely wouldn't), but I'd love to see one on cowboy toys (maybe including licensed properties that had TV series, going back to Davy Crockett craze).

    Is there a best recommended book on the history of figures? I'm especially interested in finding a history of the Hartland cowboy line.
    Hugh H. Davis

    Wanted: Legends of the West (Empire & Excel) and other western historically-based figures. Send me an offer.
    Also interested in figures based on literary characters.

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    Fight fight fight LOL

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