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Thread: Tin Tin figures by Seri

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    Tin Tin figures by Seri

    Does anyone know anything about these figures, based on the characters by Georges Remi? How many were in the collection? What they are worth as a complete collection?
    Very little information available. Are they rare/collectable?

    Appreciate not Mego, but may be a collector on here who can shed some light on them. Thanks

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    Aug 21, 2005
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    They were available in the 1990s but the factory that they were produced within burned down shortly afterwards. Here's a not-so-good pic of my set.

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    They display well. Look as though they have jumped straight out of the comic strips! Very nice figures.
    Any idea current going rate? Appear to be very hard to find, especially boxed, like yours.

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    Jun 15, 2009
    Warsaw, London
    I actually saw these boxed on ebay, boxes were a bit warped etc, price wise I think they were going for $120 a piece depending on which character etc. I looked these up on line, I think the hands and head are porcelain.

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