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Thread: Steppenwolf kenner

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    I had so many GI joe flag points I sent away for the 12 inch joe Colton figure I used all the points since it was the end of the line I must've got about eight(with various hair colors).i gave one to my brother,my cousin and my best friend and kept the rest.

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    Mar 7, 2004
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    RAH kinda jumped the shark for me when they added Slaughter, Serpentor and Cobra La.
    It basically did, but I was in too deep at the time to notice. Slaughter was essentially super-powered, Serpentor was a really cool concept but too far-fetched for Joe. A year later, Cobra-La WAS that shark jump for me. The opening of the movie was the last great gasp of GI Joe, but the story itself sucks wind.


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    I guess that I outgrew the line, and toys in genera,l after 1988, but the sci-fi turn that RAH made lost me, as well. I even ignored Zartan. Of course, Serpentor was a bridge too far. For me, the headiest days of the RAH line were the Stormshadow V1 days along with the rest of that 1983 line. I remember playing with those Styrofoam gliders in the snow right after Christmas. I really loved the line all the way through 85. 86 and 87 weren't shabby, but they were in a slow decline, at the least. Then, you through in Super Powers in 1984 and was heavenly for me.

    - Ian
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