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Thread: Big Jim Motorcross Honda

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    May 9, 2007
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    Plaid Stallions Big Jim Motorcross Honda

    Picked up this oddity at last month's Kane County toy show. It's the regular Big Jim Honda bike that was released for a couple of years but for some reason it's got the Pack logo emblazoned on it.

    This isn't a sticker either, it's printed on the box. The best I can figure this is a transitional piece released before the P.A.C.K vehicles had been devised.

    I have limits on what I buy and I don't actively collect the All Stars line but this sort of crept in. Also, when I picked it up the dealer automatically kicked 25% off his posted price without me saying a word. That kind of tactic works really, really well on me.

    More Big Jim than you can handle!

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    Pretty cool! Love the looks of the bike. And, nice deal.

    - Ian
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    Pretty cool, but I'm of the opinion that if it's Big Jim it's cool. Great find though. It being marked a Pack vehicle is real interesting. It makes you wonder if there's any other stuff like this.

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    I was born a couple years too late to have enjoyed Big Jim. Unless it was science fiction or fantasy, I wasn't generally interested (I loved RAH G.I. Joe toys, however, many of which could easily be construed as science fiction toys).
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