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Thread: The Walking Dead: Season 8

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    May 19, 2003
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    I’m glutton for more than likely, I’ll still watch this mess next season. But man, it’s really really bad now.

    All season, all this planning...then finally Rick and company attack...and looked like they nearly destroyed the Saviors to smithereens.

    But then, in one little badly lit episode (the night scenes cinematography was truly terrible)...the Saviors take over again without even firing a single shot, lol.

    So many annoying and exasperated things happened in last night’s episode.

    An armed Rick, with weapon on hand (rifle and gun)...telegraphing his every move by yapping for his loved ones...then Negan easily disarming him...but constantly still missing with his Lucille, lol. Comical, comical.

    Rick is getting so annoying now...I wouldn’t mind him getting killed either.

    Michonne. Why exactly was she so mad about? Which loved one did she lose?

    The night convoy with Maggie and Jesus. Yeah, just wait like idiots, deers in be easily overpowered.

    Carl with his bad acting. I mean, this dude can’t even walk injured realistically, lol.

    Ezekiel...exploding things in the open grass...effecting nothing.

    Daryl and Tara...did we cause this?

    Hedrap did mention Dwight being one of the two most interesting characters, and he’s right. Dwight is the most layered and complexed character right now. Who would’ve thought it?

    I’m glad Carl is going to die...gone are his stupid long hair, his stupid hat, his stupid eye patch, and his stupid lame acting. They will wrap up his character in the opening of next season. But to be truly honest, I don’t care who live and dies.

    The kid is off to college...hope he takes a lot of acting classes...
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    Aug 28, 2006
    Not sure what they are thinking honestly,this move deviates so much from the books.
    I’m sure he is dead.He was bitten a couple episodes back 1 day in show time.
    No one thus far has ever survived a bite so I’m sure he’s dead.
    This isn’t Z nation and he isn’t “The Murphy”
    Glad you all got what you wished for merry
    Looking forward to the last half of the season.
    “When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying its hard. Think positive!”

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    Feb 15, 2004
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    ahh, but what if he is the Murphy?
    Planet Earth is Blue

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    Feb 10, 2009
    He got bit with Sadiq? Wow I missed that. That explains the suicide mentality.

    Something tells me Elijah's blood is going to have some kind of resistance and he's going to let the doc drain him to save Maggie and whoever else.

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    Jul 3, 2008
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    Yeah, "Coral" is gone, now we'll get to listen to Rick go on screaming for the daughter they forget about..." Joo-duth!!"
    So many stupid, stupid things happen on this show. Every single Savior could have been taken out at anytime with a single gunshot. A caravan of armed fighters and they sit there while a dozen guys take their guns away. Somebody please shoot that ahole Simon he's worse than Negan. Daryl suddenly worried his dump truck plan was a mistake. An episode & 1/2 with Rick and the Garbage people then they ran away 5 minutes into the episode. Rick yelling for everyone - this guy was a cop? Really? And why didn't they show the crash..bang then nothing, then how is it Rick and Carol got away , Jerry got caught, and all three ended up in different communties?
    Carl's offscreen bite? And last week Gabriel couldn't even hold a glass to drink, Eugene gives him an exit plan and he sits right up! How about whatever non plan Ezekial had? Or Morgan hiding behind the wall?
    They really need a new showrunner. Frank Darabont had direction in Season One, but when he left it just got worse, & Scott Gimple is terrible. Robert Kirkman has too much say in the show. Best case scenario is they just cut loose from the comic storylines and go for broke.

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