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Thread: New Star Trek Continues episode 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardyGirl View Post
    Hi! I got to talk to Vic live on a radio podcast last night and asked him about writing a book. He thought it was a brilliant idea! I hope he'll write one!
    That would be very cool.

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    i'm rather late to the party on this one but i found an app on my firestick that had all eleven episodes. i am on the last one now. what a great show., great production values. really feels just like the original show. not crazy about some the actors but most of them really nail it. Michele Specht as the counselor was a great addition and she is absolutely gorgeous

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    This is how Star Trek should be on tv right now. I hate the "official Star Trek" that's being made today.

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