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Thread: Eaton's Mego Uniforms for Gijoe? Fighting Yank?

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    Dec 22, 2007

    Eaton's Mego Uniforms for Gijoe? Fighting Yank?

    Just wanting to make sure I have my facts right. These 2 uniforms were offered in Canada's Eaton's catalog in 1973 & USA Montgomery Wards in 1972 & ? Anyone have more information about these sets? Here's what I have:
    IMG_1176 (2) by edtime5, on Flickr
    My understanding is they were made by Mego. They are 12in versions of Action Jackson sets. Some carded examples have AJ firefighter accessories with suit. They are sewn in identical style to AJ's suits.
    Shown on Fighting Yanks with Tommy Gunn head mold. I was lucky enough to get these 2 back in the collection again! If anyone has an extra Firefighter belt for sale or trade let me know.
    1973EatonsCa by edtime5, on Flickr1972Wards-237-GIJoe by edtime5, on Flickr
    Pic of my old carded mail order set. These also exist on red FY style cards with more accessories like in pic. .
    Mego Ko by edtime5, on Flickr
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