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Thread: 8" Mego Fist Fighter bodies, Batman gloves, Robin gloves and shoes

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    Wanted WANTED 8" Mego Fist Fighter bodies, Batman gloves, Robin gloves and shoes

    I purchased FF (Fist Fighter): Spider-Man, Batman and Robin from browboy71. The Batman and Robin's body gears, single rods and the knees are broken off. The FF Spidey is a pretty good working action, it's body has been cracked on the front of torso near the neck and on the left foot is cracked.... I'm looking to buy three FF bodies in a good condition and in very good working action for mine. Also, I need original shoes and gloves for my yellow sleeves variant T-1 Robin and original Batman gloves for my FF Batman, skinny boots and nylon suit for my RC Batman. Please let me know if you have them for sale, thank you.
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    Boxed Spider-Car instruction sheet, CIPSA POTA: Ape body, Urko tunic, rifles, Bill vest & pants, Mego: Urko bandoiler & short sword, 3-Toe boots & rifles, Batman gloves, skinny boots, Robin gloves & shoes and three Fist Fighter bodies with a good working action. FTC: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Peter Parker.
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