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Thread: New ep of Star Trek Continues: "What Ships Are For"

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    I qualify as a casual ST:TOS fan... probably even less than that if it wasn't for my love of 1. ST:TNG 2. the 70's 45 Echoes in Darkness and, of course 3. classic Trek MEGOS

    I'm only a few minutes in, and I can easily say, this production treatment of television-era TOS is the best sequel material I've seen yet.

    Obviously, seeing the original cast in their 6 movies was a better thing organically (you can't beat the original Trek actors playing themselves), but this show is not tethered by having to adapt to the big screen... and deftly nails the old-television-style, at least as seen by a TOS Trek neophyte with emphasis on the more superficial markings of TOS...and, I'd like to think something a hardcore fan would enjoy, at least somewhat.

    Personally? I have almost no interest watching the new Abrams Trek... this, at least, while I'm not totally enthralled by it, I'd still be interested in following it in a way that new Trek could never interest me--- short of bringing a TNG element in at some point.
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    The blooper reel to "What Ships Are For" was posted on YouTube and the website today. Too funny!
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