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Thread: unknow dc bendies

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    unknow dc bendies

    though id post these and hope some one know who made them and when ,
    got these at a toy show back in the early 90s ,thinking they were the missing part of a set i started in the late 70s lol
    not sure they are

    late 70s i used to go to a small market town for their weekly market and bought a spidey and hulk bendy off a stall holder there and she kept saying she would get me a superman and batman that were illustrated on the card to complete the set of 4 they offered , but she never did ,years passed and i saw these loose at a show ,never seen them before or since , not sure about supes cape as it also had a vinyl one similar to the one bats has that i've misplaced atm so who knows , not sure they are from the same set as ive long since lost the spidey and hulk ,mo markings on either ,totally separate sculpts boot tops belts bats gloves even have the 3 fins sculpted on ,sadly his ears were removed when i got him , seems odd for such a lot of detail and no manufacturer's mark on them

    the hulk and spidey cards were quality and had on model artwork and a manufactures name that i cant for the life of me recall ,and i think a date of 1978
    lmk if you recognise them cheers

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    those look like they were made in Mexico

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