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Thread: Announced Figures

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    I wondered if the Harlequin figure mentioned in Plastic Memory was the same as the just-announced Joker's Daughter, but given their love of variants, I can see FTC releasing her in both costumes as different figures.

    I also wonder if they will have new products before Christmas.
    They keep announcing things... but I know lots of people are still waiting around for the WW set.

    I'm.. still... waiting... on... Black... Canary.

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    Mar 27, 2011
    There are a couple of figures that I want now, but I'm waiting on that WW wave 1 before ordering.

    I just know if I order Red Tornado and Dr Fate, WW will be released the next Friday.


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    This is great news! And thanks for the update! was hoping for adult kid flash speedy aqua lad and wonder girl as well, but oh, well.

    But still great.

    Pulled the trigger on firestorm tornado and fate. Brilliant!!!!

    But can understand waiting as I on silk screened batgirl until I can combine for free shipping.

    Would love to get monkees stooges variants and johnny quest line, but waiting until ever single upcoming figures listed are bought. I am so out of space but it is s great problem to have.

    I keep thinking of the almost 30 years with no real Megos and how fantastic a time we are living in. Nostalgic and extra income all at the same time.

    QUOTE=jeffbearco;1344912]So, it looks like we will be (eventually) getting a whole slew of new figures and new versions of figures at this point.

    - New figures for Joker, Harley, Robin the Teen Wonder, Joker's Daughter

    Plastic Memory interview - No Release Date Given
    - Hawkwoman
    - Zatanna
    - Harlequin
    - Bumblebee
    - Bat-Girl
    - Man-Bat
    - Creeper
    - Swamp Thing

    Eager to see some prototypes. Wondering what actual products we will see for delivery before Christmas!


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    I contacted figures toys, they don't think any new releases with ship this year but definately January. I am going to take this time to catch up on buying the Batmobile and other figures I have been holding back on.

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    I'm guessing playsets will happen before Christmas:
    '66 Batcave, but my intuition (evidence to the contrary; thus wishful thinking) had been telling me there still would be a Wayne Foundation. I know, I know, a recent post said no; I keep wishing.
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