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Thread: Solomon Grundy, arrived on Monday...

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    I don't mind him on a regular body,just the head sculpt looks weird and creepy.

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    May 3, 2006
    They really need a new head sculptor.

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    Broke down and got Grundy; yeah, the head is ludicrously large on the figure, but I did notice an odd thing about the head. If you squeeze it from the sides, it actually looks a lot better and more Grundy-like. It's almost like it got squashed front to back somewhere along the way. Might try heating it and then squishing it sideways while cooling it to see if it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCM Hitchhiker View Post
    They really need a new head sculptor.
    ^^ Agree 1002% with this statement! ^^ ...*although the Farrow sculpted some AMAZING Heads in the FTC Batman 66 TV figures, the absurdly chronic problem of Big GIANT Heads absolutely RUINING these *FTC figures for me! *I also do not like that the Farrow's Sculpts are all over the place Style/Detailing wise IMO. ...I was Elated & experiencing pure Euphoria when FTC announced they would be producing Repros of all the Batman Megos, & then all the DC Megos, ..but I absolutely Rejoiced when FTC announced that they had access to The whole DC library, & would be creating Mego-like "Retro" figures of DC characters that Mego never released! Unfortunately, I stopped collecting anything since the Repros + Bizzarro/Fist Fighters wave 1-2/Batman 66 wave 1-2, ...all due to The BIG Oversized heads, Sculpts being "Off" to me, & the FTC figure's Detailing & Styling departing too much from the simplicity of Megos to me. So these Farrow sculpts have cost me my imagined FTC "Mego" collection I had created in my head when the Announcements were made (my expectations = my fault), & FTC lost a REALLY Good Customer, who would have absolutely bought @ Least x2 of everything DC related (+ x2 of many other offerings), ..& I also would have bought many customizing items to populate the New FTC "Mego" collection I'd have. ...So I don't know if it's the Farrow's fault, or FTC's fault, that the Heads are coming out so HUGE over & over again, & that the Detailing seems to be so inconsistent from wave to wave, & figure to figure.

    I WISH FTC had made repros of all the DC Megos, & Batman 66 TV figures, ...but then released x2 separate lines:

    1.) *"Mego" Line (Mego-like): ALL New DC Characters looked like a Mego offering, Heads, costumes, accessories, all having that 70s Mego Charm! New DC "Megos" you could see hanging on the Pegs back when we were children! (Super Friends would be considered part of the actual "Retro" Lines).

    2.) The Detailed DC Lline" DC characters done the way they are doing some or most of the New Characters: Retro-type DC Comic Figures w/ authentic cloth costumes + Far more Detailed Sculpts/Paint/Costuming than real Retro Megos.

    *I'd be SOOOO All Over a large real Mego-like DC collection, & yes FTC could keep releasing "Better" or Upgraded versions of the earlier Megos, like Wonder Woman getting a better execution than the Onesie & painted on Tiara for. ex., if Mego revisted the main Mego DC characters they released, but made them closer to the later Mego Figures like Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thor, ect. ...So unless FTC completely changes their existing style, I'll continue to just focus all my collecting dollars on Masters of The Universe Classics!

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    is Farrow still working with them? He hasn't posted on his Facebook page in almost a of the last photos appears to be the Dynasty Gene head prototype.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    He'll be dead by Saturday.

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    Jul 18, 2002
    New Jersey
    Quote Originally Posted by noelani72 View Post
    is Farrow still working with them? He hasn't posted on his Facebook page in almost a of the last photos appears to be the Dynasty Gene head prototype.
    They all look like his work to me.

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    All in all the execution seems pretty great to my eyes, but I still can't get over my first impression from the preview pic - such a babyface, ha! He looks like Pugsley all grown up!

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