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Thread: some customs coming to the meet

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    Sep 7, 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Bronxboykev View Post
    lol That would be me I picked up Spiderwoman for me and Catwoman for the Mrs... Hawkeye was awesome!!! and i was pondering taking Venom Home as well
    Enjoy! I thanked bleit1701 and told him these were my first custom purchases. He said, "That's how it starts" or something similar. Then, at the Auction, I bid on his Batman & Robin and didn't win it, but scored Stiltman and Hobgobin. So, I'm off to a good start in building a custom collection. All of my purchases are exceptional. Hats off to all of the customizers.

    Normally, after a convention, I second guess my purchases the next day. Not this time.
    My Updated Want List:
    Comic book original art
    1970s Hulk or Spider-man metal garbage can
    Marvel Secret Wars figures (minty loose Falcon, Constrictor, Iceman, and Electro)
    Custom Nexus, Grendel

    Have lots of comics and Marvel Legends figures for trades. Thanks!

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    As always, you make the most Mego-ey customs ever. Super happy you were able to make it, sorry you weren't able to join us for dinner. Hope I can spend more time hanging out with you next time I see you.

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