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Thread: Pod Stallions 53: The Black Hole

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    Surprisingly, I've still never seen it. Hopefully they add it to netflix at some point.

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    Did I hear this correctly? There was a Dragos from "Jason Of Star Command" Halloween costume from Collegeville.

    Would sure love to see this. One of my all time favorites.

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    Love this film

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    That might have been the best PodStallions yet. Such a great discussion especially given Jason's counter-opinion. I too, like him saw the Black Hole in that post Star Wars era when we were just starving for anything that remotely resembled it (Battelstar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Starcrash, The Black Hole fit the mold and was a must see. I had seen it several times over the years and enjoyed it for the nostalgia. I even picked up a Black Hole sleeping bag/comforter that is spread out on the futon in my collection room.

    I had not watched it in several years so before listening to this episode, I popped in the DVD and sat through it. . . twice. The first time I fell asleep. The second time I made it all the way through. I watched it from a purely entertainment perspective without any consideration for how much fun I had watching it as an 11 year old. It was tough. The story is all over the place, the action is sparsely integrated and the ending is just plain weird. I can only imagine my young self in early 1980 was more fascinated by the spectacle of the robots, lasers and spaceships than the whole picture.

    The Black Hole is great if you enjoy the trees but it is a long walk through that forest.

    By the way. . . WHAT is wrong with Salvage-1?
    If I had only spent a tenth of the time studying Physics that I spent learning Star Wars and Baseball trivia, I would have won the Nobel Prize.

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    Maybe Disney will release the movie on Blu-Ray for its 40th anniversary.. or maybe not. Until then I'm stuck with the crummy Anchor Bay DVD.
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    This was a superb conversation. I chuckled when Brian described Robert Forster as "So Rochester", because he's right. He sounds like one of my Dad's 70's co-workers from Eastman Kodak when we were growing up.

    As for the merits of the film itself, it was pointed out how it (like Star Trek TMP) was marketed to Star Wars kids, but ultimately failed at being like Star Wars. I like to embrace the film and love it for what it is, not for what it isn't. The fact that it is darker, weirder, and tonally and narratively inconsistent is part of the appeal and charm of this film. It's beautiful to look at, has some of the best robots ever put on film, is a real head trip, and deserves more love I think.

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