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Thread: Pod Stallions 53: The Black Hole

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    Nov 29, 2005
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    lol before you guys do the Dune episode do one for all the Filmation animated series we had in the 70's and their live action ones as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie Fox View Post
    You must find a way to have David Weiner on more often.
    Done! I eagerly await the DUNE episode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Allie Fox View Post
    ...and to make a suggestion, How about a show about all of the copycat movies that came out post-Star Wars and maybe even Post-Raiders of the Lost Ark?
    OOOPS!!! after scrolling through the old episodes I discovered at least the Star Wars copycats were discussed in Episode 7 - Battle Beyond the Star Wars (not The Force Awakens).

    But nothing at all on Indiana Jones or the knock-offs. I think I know the next episode...
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    If I had only spent a tenth of the time studying Physics that I spent learning Star Wars and Baseball trivia, I would have won the Nobel Prize.

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    I found my DUNE Glossary they gave out from the original theatrical run, just so I can understand what Jason is talking about when the Dune episode eventually (or maybe never) drops.

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